The Worlds of Lucid Awakening

The Epochs

Perhaps our universe is bound to an endless cycle
of both order and chaos, an infinite number of fluxes
between Complete and Broken.
~Zeth Solanis

Every time the world ends, the universe has a way of resetting itself; it is reborn. This is referred to as an Epoch Flux. It is unknown how many Epoch Fluxes have occurred, but some speculate that the world has been through infinite rebirths.

Each soul inhabiting the world flows into the Transcendence and is reborn at some point in time in the new universe.


Each person has technically lived an almost infinite number of past lives; because of this, there can be negative or unexpected effects. Some people are haunted by vague memories or feelings that they can’t correlate with events from their life in their current Epoch.

There are some people who seem to have much greater memories of past lives. It is commonly believed that these are people with abnormally strong souls.

Complete and Broken

To reset itself, the universe briefly splits into two separate worlds with a space in between known as Intermundus. The worlds then merge back into one, causing what some people call a ‘Big Bang’–the creation of every part of the universe. This temporary split state is known as Broken, while the new world after the merge is called The Complete.

There is at least one known Epoch where the worlds never merged back together and it retained its Broken state for the entirety of its existence–the Epoch in which Lucid Awakening 1 took place. This was caused by the creation of a deity known as the Pillar–a being whose only purpose was to reside in Intermundus and keep the two parts of the world separate.

Some souls are born into one half of the world, and some are born in the other.


Every person’s soul is attached to their body by a Soul Thread. In a Broken Epoch, the soul will attempt to travel to the other world when the body is in a weakened state such as sleeping.

The person’s soul can observe everything happening in that world while they are there. Some people even have the ability to become Lucid, forming a temporary body and actually being able to interact in the other world while they are there. This typically happens when a person is in an extreme state of unconsciousness, like a coma.

The Veil

The Veil is a mysterious anomaly which can turn people into mindless creatures who crave destruction. Its origins are unknown, but it is known to be trapped within Intermundus during Lucid Awakening 1.

There is no inherent danger in the worlds being merged back together; but if this were to happen in the Broken Epoch, the Veil would flood into the new Epoch and eventually destroy every Soul.

First, Second, and Third Epoch

*Lucid Awakening 1 spoilers ahead*

At the end of Lucid Awakening 1 we witnessed the end of the Epoch. The worlds merged back together, and the world was reborn. Lucid Awakening 2 is the story of the Epoch following the one from Lucid Awakening 1.

Even though it is speculated that there have been an uncountable amount of Epochs in the past, the Epoch from Lucid Awakening 1 is now referred to as Second Epoch. This is because there is evidence of an Epoch before it in the form of Damian’s memories (his flashbacks and memories of Elise were from First Epoch). Thus, the world of Lucid Awakening 2 is known as Third Epoch.