MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase!

This is a little late, but I wanted to share this. I was honored to be selected as one of the indie developers at MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase. My experience at MAGFest was nothing short of incredible. It was a blast.

It was exhausting to be a presenter there, but it was well worth it. It was amazing to get direct feedback from a huge amount of people (I think the attendance is over 16,000 typically). I also just loved meeting so many new people, even though as an introvert it drained all of my social mana.

Thanks to everyone who came and saw me, to everyone working and volunteering for MAGFest who made it a wonderful experience, and as always, to all of my fans and friends.

So here is my badge I am so honored to have. Click it to link to my spot on MAGFest’s page. Look around the site and see what they have to offer. Hopefully I will see you at MAGFest 2017 🙂

Lucid Awakening 2 Demo now available

Hello, friends! I know it’s been a while since I posted on the site, but I am still alive.

There is a demo for Lucid Awakening 2 available. It has a ‘Story’ mode which will let you play through the first hour or so of the game. It also has an ‘Action’ mode which will let you play through a later section of the game; it gives you access to several souls to let you jump right in and play with the battle and Dual Soul mechanics.

You can download it from this section of the website:

Demo Page