Sojourn – The modern journal

Modernized journal for a new generation. Familiar in format, unique in its purpose. And it’s free!


  • The app will never have any sharing or social features.
    • This gives you freedom to be incredibly genuine in your posts without worrying about how others will perceive them. It’s just for you.
  • Casual, short format.
    • Traditional journals can be intimidating. There is a subconscious pressure sometimes to write long, elaborate entries with perfect grammar and graceful language. The shorter format alleviates that pressure and feels very familiar to those who use social media.
  • Importance rating system.
    • Use the star rating system to rate the importance of the entry. Using this along with the filter system when viewing entries allows you to feel free to write down even the most minor things that happen or whatever is on your mind at the moment, to write down how you felt during major life events, or anything in between.
  • View filters.
    • Use filters to see only the memories you want to see.
  • Data stored in the cloud.
    • The data is all stored in the cloud using Google Firebase’s Firestore infrastructure. This means all you have to do is sign in with your Google account on any device and you will have full access to all of your data. Since it is stored in the cloud you don’t have to worry about backing anything up.