Veil-born are creatures created when Veil manifests a physical form based on energy and even emotions. Their actions can be very erratic and unpredictable, but almost always dangerous.

There have been known cases of peaceful or dormant Veil-born throughout history, even ones that could perform basic communication. Despite these rare instances, they are always eliminated as quickly as possible.

Spectors and Callers

The world is generally run by two major groups–Spectors and Callers. They are distinguished and lauded in society because of their abilities to protect people, observe things that normal humans cannot, and learn more about the universe and how it works.

Spectors are those who can see the Veil. They can see it in people’s souls, spot Veil-born from great distances, and sense intricate details of the Veil itself.

Callers are those who can move the Veil. They are especially skilled at destroying Veil-born because of this ability. They can also ‘wake’ a Dreamer up by moving their souls back through their Soul Thread to their bodies. This is due to the fact that Dreamers’ souls have high traces of Veil within them.

The two powers naturally work well together, so the Spector-Caller Alliance (SCA) was formed. They bring balance to the world by eliminating Veil-born threats, identifying if Dreamers will manifest Nightmares, and even by being a police force. The High Incarnate (head of the SCA headquarters in Zion) is considered to be the most powerful, influential authority figure in the entire world.


Since the world is supposedly in a Complete state, people should not be able to dream (a person dreams when their soul tries to travel to the other world in a Broken Epoch). The Veil-born are thought to originate from wherever the Dreamers’ souls are going. It is for these reasons they are considered cursed.

The story takes place in an age where discrimination and prejudices against Dreamers are dwindling within society. However, there is still the danger of some of them manifesting Nightmares (Veil-born confirmed to come from a Dreamer). There are Sentry Facilities around the world where these dangerous Dreamers must be kept under close watch until their manifestations have ceased.