Zeke Lorand

Zeke is an adventurous, eccentric, courageous young man who is always willing to stick up for people, even those he doesn’t know. He will go to great lengths–even if his methods can be stupid–to protect and help others.

Despite his positive, entertaining demeanor, he hides a deep pain and guilt from a tragic event in his past. A Nightmare that came from his Dreamspace when he was young burned an entire orphanage and killed a girl.

Ever since that night, he has faint memories of someone who meant a lot to him–Damian. Whether he is from this Epoch or another is uncertain.

Meeting the mysterious Spector, Silas, is what sparks the beginning of his journey to find Damian and maybe even saving his world.

Silas Corona

Silas is an ex-SCA Spector traveling with his companion, Cyril. He is cynical to almost everything, yet somehow  hopeful at the same time. He is more than happy to voice his opinion in any given situation, but reserved about his personal matters.

He is driven by his desire to bring true justice where the institutions he once served have failed. It appears that this desire if fueled by vague memories he’s had since he was young. He remembers the heartbreak, the guilt, of not being able to protect someone he cared about deeply.

He wants to know the truth about Dreamers, the state of the world, the Epochs, and the hazy memory of a girl he couldn’t protect.



Terra is a sassy, forgetful, unrealistically optimistic young girl. She always tries to find the good in every person and situation despite the way things appear. She sees the world through blissfully ignorant eyes, and can make it seem more beautiful because of that.

Her memories of her life before she was discovered by Zeke and Silas do not seem to line up with the current Epoch; however, she does have memories of one person in particular–Silas. She also seems to have a special bond with Cyril, only able to transform when he is with her.

She wants to help Zeke and Silas no matter how dangerous it may be, despite their warnings.


Enjoy a large cast of memorable characters you’ll meet along the way; some will even join you for short periods of time.

Original artwork by Coyotecraft.