Lucid Awakening

A world once whole, now torn apart. A great evil now wishes to bring the worlds together once again. If the worlds merge, both will fall to ruin, and all life will be turned to darkness.

Lucid Awakening is a free RPG for PC I developed when I was a teenager. It is the first game I ever completed and distributed, and for that it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I fell in love with the mythology and story of the game so much that I devoted a large part of my life to developing the sequel, Lucid Awakening 2. If you would like to read more about the mythology of the Lucid Awakening series, check out The Worlds of Lucid Awakening.

It had been years since Damian Ashling last had a dream of “her”.   Constantly haunted in his youth by dreams of a girl he has never once met or spoken to.   But one night, she returns to him yet again in his sleep.

Near his home lies a cave where Damian and his lifelong friend, Aiden Lorand, used to explore as children.   He decides to visit this place once again along with Aiden to try to go back to their childhood to find out what may have triggered the dreams to start again.   An earthquake leads Damian, Aiden, and Damian’s little brother Zeke into a small room with no exits–except for a large door on the wall.

The door is opened, and they are sucked into a white light bursting from inside.   Damian awakens in a castle with Aiden and Zeke no where to be found.

You play as Damian–trying desperately to find his friends, and his way home.   On his way he will meet new friends and discover long-forgotten truths about the two worlds; as well as how this world relates to dreams.