Coding For Actual Beginners

“Finally a beginner course actually for beginners. This has really helped me.”
-Josh C.

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Are you tired of watching coding tutorials that claim to be for beginners but talk to you like you’ve been coding for years? Looking for a course that is actually for beginners with zero coding experience or knowledge? Welcome!

I’m a self-taught indie game developer with well over a decade experience with many languages and programs. I also taught game development with Unity3D at a university for over 4 years.

If you are intimidated by code or have never touched code before you will be totally fine. Concepts are presented thoroughly and using real life analogies that anyone can relate to. This course is also great for anyone who has some coding experience but wants to learn how to apply that to game development or just reinforce important coding concepts and skills.

You will learn core programming concepts that can be applied in any other programming language for any other purpose. You will also learn the basics of coding in the C# language specifically for game development using Unity.

I believe in learning through immersion and doing rather than simply observing. The course uses a “work along with me” format instead of a traditional “lecture – test” format. I highly encourage you to have two monitors so you can work more efficiently with me through the lessons; and you should have two monitors for this line of work anyway.

This course is an introduction that will give you a solid ground to build off of. Even veteran coders always have to adapt and learn new things, so it is important to understand that you will always have to be learning, researching, and experimenting over your entire career. You will not be able to build a full game from start to finish just after working through this course, but with the basis you gain you will be able to confidently branch out and discover what you need to build your game.

I’ll try to answer any questions you have or address issues you have ASAP – usually within 48 hours. You can message me or comment on the video itself.

Please share the course if you like it or know people who would like it. Word of mouth is really important for small developers like me!



“If you are just beginning, or like me, and find yourself continuing to struggle after countless hours of viewing training material, do yourself a great favor and have a go with this course.”
-Phillip H

“Great course to learn about (C#) coding fundamentals and actually visually confirming the functionality of the code in the game. The teacher is explaining in detail and is reassuring when it seems complicated at first.”

“Really great for absolute coding novices like me. It helped me understand basics, and unlike a lot of other ‘beginner’ courses, it was actually understandable and no prior coding / programming knowledge was assumed or required.”

“I am a total beginner to C# and unity and this course was incredible for teaching me fundamental things about both. He explained things in very simple terms. Truly worth every dollar. I will be looking for more courses in the future from Matt Sharp.”

“Thanks for the great course. I studied Unity and C# for months previous, then started regular ‘beginner’ courses on Udemy and was blown away…too difficult. Your course is the first one to treat me like a real noob so thanks for that…well-explained, took notes, feel much more confident.”
-Stephen F.

“This is a good course to start off with, I was doing this with another ‘beginner’ course on Udemy and the content I couldn’t understand on that course was explained very well by this course! Thank you very much!”
-Joseph T.

“Easy to understand and follow. Much easier than I expected it to be. Great teaching.”
-Christy B.

“Great Course for beginners to code! Made it much more easy to understand. He breaks down the code very well for people new to coding and Untiy3D.”

“Finished. Wowwww! Amazing. I tried many other sources to learn C# and this is the best one. Really nice way of explaining it, it seems simple. I’m finally understanding C# with Unity. If you are a complete beginner, this is the best course I’ve seen. I would give it 6 stars if I could.”
-José G.

“This course made it easy to quickly become comfortable being around code and understanding what’s going on, and it made it feel easy and natural. This course was very well done and I’m grateful to have been able to learn from his experience.”
-MaKenna Y.

“Worth every buck.”
-Berk K.