4.5 / 5 – First review for Lucid Awakening 2!

Posted on January 16, 2015  in Publicity

Read the review here!

I’m so honored to show the first ever review for Lucid Awakening 2! Lucky for me, it’s a 4.5 / 5 🙂

3 thoughts on “4.5 / 5 – First review for Lucid Awakening 2!”

  1. Howdy!

    Are you the same SillyPieMan from the days of Creative Asylum? You may remember me, I reviewed Lucid Awakening (1) in about 2008 😀 (I think I forced you a rather big bug updates). I’ve just seen Lucid Awakening 2 in Steam and wanted to offer you some congratulations! You’ve come a long way, to get a game published on Steam. Well done!

    I saw through the review that you were able to refine the combat system away from LA1’s ‘attack, attack, attack, heal’ while keeping the story great, so I look forward to playing it when I get some spare time.

    Did Omega Twilight ever get out of development? That was the last project I remember you working on?

    Anyway, well done 😀 Hope to see some more games from you over the next few years!

    The Flaming Red

    1. TFR,

      Yes, this is the Pie Man. I’m so sorry, I don’t remember you; your name rings a bell though. Don’t feel bad, I have an absolutely terrible memory. I forget people’s names within minutes of meeting them haha.

      You just touched my heart today sir/madam. That means so much to hear from someone who knew me back when I was just a wee little game developer sprout. Thank you SO much.


  2. Fear not for forgetting me, as it has been some 8/9 years! My review and bug list I made at the time is lost to the ages, as it seems Creation Asylujm no longer exists, and any copy of it backed up by me, has been allowed to slip through my important files.

    All I can remember about my review was: Wondering if the Captain ever gave you a reward/story for getting all his medals or if I had missed one, finding the bug where you could walk through the cracked sides of the sand tiles in a puzzle room, someone’s Cure 2 spell never working and then, getting stuck if I slept at the in after the ‘princess sequence?’ as you were put in the bed next to ‘Glow’ and then trapped between him and the wall.

    All I really remember that it was a really good game, but with no real battle-challenge until the final boss, and then giving you a really long bug-list which I think made you patch it to 1.1

    But it was all so long ago, I’m tempted to replay LA1 again for nostalgia. Anyway, Happy to have bought a smile to your face. Keep up the game making.


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