Website Introduction

Posted on December 18, 2014  in Website

I figured it would be nice to give you guys a quick run down of the site, what I’m offering, and where to find stuff, just in case it wasn’t self-explanatory enough.


Home sweet home–simple and sweet. Here you have a fantastic logo, and a slideshow with screenshots from all the games on the website.

Above the logo you’ll see some posts. These are my ‘Featured’ posts. Basically they’re just the ones I think are most important.

If you click on the Momiji Studios in the top left corner of the site, it will take you to the Home page. You can also click the Home menu option on the top navigation bar.


The first thing on the left side of the site is the link to the Momiji Studios Facebook page. Below that is a list of all the most recent posts I’ve made (newest ones on top). Below that is a calendar of the blog posts.

On the top is where you will find the main navigation menu. You can click on the root to go to a basic summary page or click on one of the drop down menus that comes up when you hover over one of them. If you want more specific information, make sure you hover over the menu option and look for what you want.


You can find the Blog right next to Home on the top menu. Here you can see all the posts I’ve ever made.

Lucid Awakening 1 & 2

Again…yay for Lucid Awakening 2 finally being released!

Lucid Awakening and Awakening 2 both come packaged together in one installer. You can find it on Lucid Awakening’s Download page, and on Lucid Awakening 2’s Purchase page; either one will give you the same file.

Lucid Awakening is free, but you need to buy Lucid Awakening 2 to play it. The reason I want you to download it before you try to buy it is you will be given a Registration Number by the Launcher that you need to put into the order form to get the correct Activation Code to make your copy of Lucid Awakening 2 work on your computer. More detailed instructions can be found on Lucid Awakening 2’s Purchase page.

I also suggest you check out The Worlds of Lucid Awakening page. It goes into detail about the mythology behind the Lucid Awakening series.

Cubey Sphere

I put everything for Cubey Sphere on one page. In case you don’t know, this is a game for iOS and Android (which you would have known if you actually clicked that link and took the time to read). The links for the App Store and Google Play Store entries are at the bottom of the page.

Oh, and by the way, the Lite version is totally free. The links take you right to the Lite version. If you realize how awesome the game is after playing it, you can always click the in-game purchase button to take you to the store listing for the full version.


WIP stands for Work In Progress. Ironically, the page is still a WIP as well; but here is what it will be eventually: a place for me to show early sneak peaks of all the other stuff I’m working on.

I have a bad habit of starting new projects all the time. Like, a lot of them. I get them to really cool, fully functional prototype stages and then my brain races to the next project. Maybe if I have more accountability by showing people these prototypes I’ll have more motivation to finish them. I already know the WIP I’m going to show first (and it is actually very far along into development).

Contacting Me

Believe it or not, clicking on the Contact menu option will allow you to contact me. How innovative.

Well, that’s about it.